Always Keep Moving Forward

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One of the many things that Gene talks about in his book he talks about the value of always keep

To many people, this usually means that once you achieve one goal, then you should immediately start
looking for your next goal.

The World Really Doesn't Care About You.

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Life is not kind or fair.

And it won’t ever be kind or fair.

These are just some truths you need to accept right now.

The Secret About Talents Only A Handful Of People Know.

Do you think that if you have a talent your set in life?

Do you think if you find out what your talents are early in life you are destined to do better then most others in life?

We've met many people who think this way.

Must Know Tips If You Want To Avoid Failure With Friends And Power.

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One of the sections in Gene Simmon's book on Power is titled "Get Better Friends".

In this section, he makes some very valid and to the point statements about the friends we choose and the power you seek in your life.

We're going to use this post today to share some of those points with you and what our thoughts are on Gene's statements.

"You must decide here and now if your goal is to maintain the friendships you already have or if your goal is to seize power."

Dressing For Success Is Easy. (Here's The Secret.)

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As we were reading along in the book this week we came across something we wanted to discuss with you.

It's the notion of how you dress.

Do You Have Greatness Inside Of You?

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One of the concepts we covered this week was this:

"People who do great good and people who do great evil have one crucial thing in common: Greatness." - Gene Simmons

Are Good People Powerful?

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Read this quote this last week and it got me thinking...

"In the real world, Power matters. A good person without power won't accomplish much, no matter his intentions or his virtue. Power moves mountains when mountains need to be moved." - Gene Simmons (The case for Power)