Ideas: How an MMA Fighter could use Social Media

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Today's Thought is "How an MMA Fighter could use Social Media."

  1. Twitter - To spread information about upcoming fights, training, workout, or public appearances. (Example: Check out how Dana White ( @danawhite ) uses Twitter for the UFC.)
  2. Facebook - To tell the fighters story. To give you more background on who they are and the things they are into outside of the cage.
  3. LinkedIn - To show the fighter is a professional and to also let others know other skills and talents they have outside of the cage.  Also to increase their personal brand and the brand of the organization they are fighting for.
  4. Instagram - To share their daily pictures of the life of a fighter and also to give people a rare look at the behind the scenes of what a fighters life is really like day in and day out.
  5. Website - A great place to get the fighters history and this can also be used as a marketing hub for all the activities of the fighter.
  6. Blog - This would be a good tool for a fighter to be able to share their thoughts and views on things that effect them.  Also it is a great way to interact with their fans. (Side note: Also check out what Dana White is doing with his "Vlog". This could be another way to let your fans know what  you are doing and what you are up to.)
  7. YouTube - Could be used to store all the video a fighter may make, from fights, to training videos, to interviews, etc... This could also integrate into their website or blog for additional traffic sources. 
  8. Google+ - Used to spread information and to start conversations with fans. Also could be used to have one on one chat or group hangouts with fans.
  9. Vine - Could be used to make short clips of video for Pre-Walkout or Post fight thoughts or messages to fans.
  10. SnapChat - Could be used to give fans a quick glimpse into the fighters life at any given time.  It can also be used to promote products or things the fighters use on a daily basis.

These are just a few thoughts on how a fighter could use Social Media.  What are your thoughts? Anything you'd like to add to list?  If so please leave your ideas as a comment.


  1. One of that sports that needs the use of striking and grappling techniques is MMA.

  2. Great post. One thing I might add, I think that instagram and facebook could also be used for utilization of today's consumers with short attention span - short videos of BTS or their lives/training could be a great way to boost their presence.